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October 27, 2016
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November 30, 2016

3 Elements to the Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Deciding what to get your bridesmaids can be such a tough decision. After all, these girls have been by your side all year with; the planning process, throwing you showers and parties and not to mention possible bridezilla moments. They’re your closest friends and they deserve some love and appreciation!

It’s not an easy task to pick out an appropriate gift but I’ve broken it down to 3 elements you should include!

1. The Card

This might sound silly, but it’s important to have a way to pour your heart out to your girl. After all these years of friendship and being by your side on this important milestone, your bridesmaid deserves some appreciation for her love and support. Tell her how much she has meant to you and how honoured you are. It means more than you may think!

2. Wedding Memento

Usually an engraved piece of jewelry for each of the girls is a great keepsake. Try to find a good quality piece that won’t tarnish easily. If budget is an issue, a small silver pendent is perfect!

3. Personalize

This is my favourite part to the gift! Show your girlfriend that despite the constant wedding talk for the past year, you still care about what’s happening in her life. Maybe her relationship with her mom has become much stronger this year, or maybe she got a promotion at work, or maybe she even has a trip planned in the coming future, whatever the case might be, use this gift to show her how happy you are for her successes and get her a creative gift to give some love back.

No matter what, your girls will love you regardless of your gift of choice. Just remember that you are loved by all these people that came to celebrate with you on your wedding day.