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May 9, 2017
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1. Don’t have rehearsal on the night before the wedding

The night before your wedding, you’ll be thinking about all the little details and need a full nights sleep!

By trying to round everyone up the night before the wedding, you will be creating unnecessary stress! Give yourself more than 24 hours time to make sure everyone gets a chance to rehearse the ceremony. I usually recommend that it is done within a week of the wedding day.

2. Don’t delay packing for your honeymoon

The last thing you should be doing after your wedding is rushing home in the morning and doing laundry to start packing for your honeymoon!

Prewash and select everything you’d like to take with you and store it away! The next morning you’ll already be putting away your gown and the last thing you need is to worry about packing for your trip!

3. Don’t forget about food

With so much going on, the little delays to your schedule can really add stress.

Pre-order food for yourself and the bridal party to be eaten while you’re getting ready on the day of the wedding and make sure to book your table reservations for brunch the next morning!

4. Don’t skip a coordinator

A wedding coordinator will make sure all the pieces fit! They will take over the last month of wedding planning and make sure that all details come together, just the way you had imagined it. Nothing will ever beat having a professional by your side!

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