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July 18, 2017
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August 1, 2017


This might feel like one of the scariest tasks, but I promise it’s not that bad! Follow my 5 step guide to reduce as much stress as possible!

1. Categorize

  • Split up your guests into different categories (eg. Brides family, Grooms Family, Work Friends, School Friends, etc.)

2. Visualize

  • Use colour coded sticky notes and a floor plan

3. Relationships

  • Be cautious of relationships – seat guests with groups of people they would be comfortable with

4. Etiquette

  • Normally parents of the Bride and Groom sit together
    • It’s always okay to let them host their own tables
  • Consider the comfort of guests with special needs

5. Spreadsheets

  • Move everything to a spreadsheet organized by table numbers
    • list: full names, meal types (adult, child, vendor, etc.), restrictions, notes

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