November 30, 2016

Rachel & Jamie Wedding

It all started with a simple swipe in the right direction. Tinder brought this full of life bride together with this incredibly caring groom and blessed them with a pinterest worthy wedding! Rachel and Jamie have two personalities that compliment eachother so well. Their mothers look like they’ve been best friends all their lives and are a true testament for how to raise two amazing people.
December 1, 2016

Katherine & Jason

Every family member and close friend gave a hand during this special day. From photography, to set up, to the band, to the DJ and even having their entire guest list walk them down the aisle. Katherine and Jason knew from the very beginning that they wanted a casual and intimate wedding that resembled a fun family reunion.
December 1, 2016

Kristine & Kent

How often do you see a bride kick off her shoes and dance like she just won the lottery? I couldn’t help but to shed a tear watching how incredibly in love these two were on their wedding night. Merging their families and lives together looked so effortless, it was obvious that they were always destined to be here at this very moment.
December 5, 2016

Ziyan & Lu

When I met Ziyan and Lu at a local coffee shop, I could tell right away how much their wedding meant to them. They spoke to me about their family coming to Canada for the wedding and how much of an honour it was for them to attend. Both, Ziyan and Lu approached me with ideas for the other. At the end of the night, Ziyan and his band serenaded this beautiful bride and Lu […]