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The wedding dress is one of the most expensive and special dresses a bride wears in her life. However, not many brides ever have an opportunity to wear it again, after her wedding day. Isn’t it a pity that the beautiful dress you took so long to discover is banished to the far end of your closet, simply to hang around and gather dust?

Best for Bride, Canada’s leading bridal dress chain, suggests the following ideas to give your dream wedding dress a second lease of life.

Preserve it promptly, and make it an heirloom

Given the cyclical nature of fashion, it is highly likely that your wedding dress will be prized by one of the future brides in your family. For your dress to hold up over time, and be usable, have it professionally cleaned and preserved soon after the wedding day. Whether another young bride chooses to be wear it or not, it will be a valuable heirloom for the future generations of your family.

Save it for your vow renewal

Vow renewals are the perfect way to celebrate your marriage and commitment to each other, after you are wed. If you love your wedding dress and still fit into it at the time, why not wear it once again for this special occasion? This is possible if your dress was preserved safely after the wedding, and is in good condition to be worn again.

Turn it into a christening gown

The fabric and embellishments on most wedding gowns are perfect for christening gowns. Fashion your child’s christening gown out of your wedding dress and it will lend a special sentiment to the special occasion. A capable seamstress can do this for you easily. Or if you wish to attempt it yourself, this tutorial on eHow will help you with it.

Repurpose it into a cocktail dress

Little white dresses are hot on the fashion scene right now. After your big day, have your beautiful wedding dress restyled into a stylish cocktail dress. Find a professional dress maker who can redesign the dress and convert it into a dress that is perfect for parties. The amount of work that will be required for this will depend on the silhouette of your wedding dress. Mermaid dresses are the easiest, as they look like beautiful LWD’s once the train is removed. However, a talented dress maker will be able to work with any silhouette and give you a splendid dress.

Use it to make keepsakes

The fabric, lace and embellishments in your wedding dress will lend itself to endless possibilities in making beautiful art and jewelry projects. You can decorate the cover of your wedding album with the fabric or make it into a throw pillow. Clutch purses with sequins and embellishments from your wedding dress are a functional and beautiful keepsake. You can also attempt bigger projects like quilts and baby bassinet ruffles, if you want to use up the entire gown.


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