October 3, 2017

Tame Your Inner Bridezilla

 1. Hire a Wedding Planner By having one go-to person to for everything wedding related, you will be taking so much stress off your plate! They will make sure that everyone is up to date and nothing has been overlooked. Your Wedding Planner will know your vision and exactly which vendors to refer you to, saving you time, money and your sanity! 2. Being Realistic and Prioritizing Unless you have millions of dollars to spend […]
September 26, 2017

Budget Bridesmaids

 What your Bridesmaids should be paying for – Click here     Visit us every Tuesday for more helpful advice and don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Comment! We would love to hear about your wedding plans! Contact us! We’d be more than happy to meet with you for some coffee and a free consultation!
June 13, 2017

Open Bar vs Cash Bar

This can be a controversial topic, especially for couples who are on a budget or have friends and family that may take the open bar invitation to an unnecessary extreme. Regardless, my opinion on the topic stays the same. I am a huge advocate for open bar weddings rather than cash bar weddings. The way I see it, these are your guests and you’d never ask a guest to pay for a glass of wine […]