May 2, 2017

How to Freeze your Top Tier

  Step 1 Put the top tier of your wedding cake in the freezer for a couple hours until the icing is firm to the touch. Step 2 Pull it out. Wrap it with plastic wrap. Place it on the inside lid of an airtight container. Once you do that, put the bowl of the container over the cake so it looks like a dome. Wrap the entire container with more plastic wrap.  Step 3 […]
April 25, 2017

DIY Wedding Projects

  List Projects Prepare a list of everything you’d like to DIY, including and best and worst case costs for each project Recruit Assign duties for each of your “helpers” well in advance. Also, have a backup plan in case the person you’ve assigned cannot pull through for some reason. Timeline Work with them to create a timeline. List deadlines for each of your projects. Swap and Sell Check out facebook groups for wedding swap […]