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It’s already a given that you should provide a helpful review on Google or wherever else your vendor prefers, but when it comes to tipping, the etiquette is not always obvious. Check out our guide for tipping your vendors!

Wedding Planner

It’s not expected to tip your Wedding Planner, but if your planner did a great job, feel free to provide a tip of 10-20% or even a gift to thank them for all their hard work!


Tipping your Photographers and Videographers is definitely optional. I recommend around $100 per shooter, especially if they will be working with you all day!


Tips are definitely expected for Hair and Makeup Artists. Depending on your experience, anywhere from 15-20%.

Wait Staff/Caterer

Some recommend counting all the staff, and providing a tip per person. I recommend 15-20% of the food/drink fee. Ask that it be dispersed to all the staff members involved.

Set up/Deliveries

Whether it is set up/delivery of decor, cake, florals, or any other items, it’s always a nice gesture to tip for these services. Slipping $10-$20 per person is usually a safe bet!


Many officiants don’t take tips, but a donation to their place of worship is always a great way to show your appreciation.


Many transportation services will include the gratuities in the quotes that they provide you. However, if gratuities have not already been calculated, 15-20% is standard and expected.


Tipping Musicians and DJ’s is not expected, but it is definitely appreciated. If you were happy with their services, feel free to tip anywhere from 10-15% at the end of the night!

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