Kristine & Kent
December 1, 2016
First Look Dilemma
January 10, 2017

For all those couples who think they can do their wedding without a planner, please think again! Hana is very professional and quick with her response, she’s the best listener to your request, and she’s the best solution provider when you are under stress. Her personality is perfect for wedding planning, and with her experience and connections with many amazing vendors, I will be surprised if she is not fully booked until next year! Our wedding impressed all of our guests and the success went way beyond our expectation. Thank you for everything Hana!

When I met Ziyan and Lu at a local coffee shop, I could tell right away how much their wedding meant to them. They spoke to me about their family coming to Canada for the wedding and how much of an honour it was for them to attend. Both, Ziyan and Lu approached me with ideas for the other. At the end of the night, Ziyan and his band serenaded this beautiful bride and Lu had a tear-jerking video full of best wishes from the grooms friends over-seas.